Celebrating a Sustainable World Interiors Day

By Christin Troutman, CID, CHID, IIDA, Senior Associate

MCA strives for Sustainability, Design, & Beauty with every project. We believe that interior design exists at the intersection of the built environment and the human experience. Part of that human experience is the confidence in knowing that we take a sustainable design approach with every project while achieving a beautiful design for our clients. Whether it is in discussions with clients to understand their processes and flow or material selection, sustainable design is a primary element in any of our designs. Sustainable design should not compromise design, so MCA takes a standard approach of integrating products and design features that maintain an environmentally friendly awareness, regardless if LEED certification is in our client’s scope.


Our design team is mindful of how space planning, materiality, and connection to nature are all part of the sustainability story for every project. From a planning standpoint, MCA creates spaces and adjacencies within those spaces that are efficient and fluid for each client’s specific program to ensure their day-to-day routines are effective and have a positive impact on their workflow. Through our research and collaboration with manufacturer partners, we can integrate materials and furniture products into our designs that have a sustainable manufacturing process, low maintenance, and/or emit low VOCs, all while maintaining the top-notch level of design for every client, regardless of sector. With each design, MCA draws from the Biophilic Design principles to maintain form and function, while adhering to the human connection to nature. Integrating these principles creates a holistic design that not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also the human experience within the space.

Our focus is not limited to just layout, finish materiality, and furniture. We work alongside the entire design team to discuss the integration of lighting design, lighting controls, and exposure to natural light, as well as understand the ways we can maintain good ventilation and airflow. In collaboration with our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing consultants, we can achieve an interior environment that is comfortable and controllable for those who use the space.

The sustainability and beauty of every project is a truly collaborative effort and requires the involvement of every component of the design team. Focusing on these principles for every project maintains continuity and efficiency for the user groups and the design team, as well as a standard design approach that can ensure a positive impact on both the exterior and interior environments. Focusing on an environmentally-friendly approach only enhances the beauty of the design.