Doors Open Baltimore 2022

By Stephen Bates, AIA, NCARB, President Emeritus
MCA was excited to host tours of the Clipper Mill Assembly Building on October 1st as part of the Doors Open Baltimore 2022 festivities!
Located in the Woodbury neighborhood, the buildings at Clipper Mill once housed the Pool & Hunt Foundry and Machine Works, at its peak the largest machine shop in Maryland and one of the largest in the nation. Although a fire in 1995 devastated portions of the existing facilities that had closed in the 1930s, today Clipper Mill has emerged as a vibrant community for Baltimore’s next generation of makers and place makers.
In 2016, MCA moved its headquarters into the revitalized Assembly building—once was used for the final assembly of giant industrial-age machinery. This light-filled space inspires our crew daily as we work to create innovative new environments to expand the future of our learning, healing, research, office, and cultural spaces.
We were excited to be a part of the long list of sites included as part of the Doors Open Baltimore event for 2022!
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