Harford Crisis Center

Between 2015 and 2016, the total number of drug and alcohol intoxication related deaths in Harford County by 68%. The new Harford Crisis Center is one of the first comprehensive care centers in the region that responds to the growing crisis stemming from mental health and addiction issues for both children and adults.

The facility houses a 24-hour call center where counselors can respond immediately to individuals undergoing a crisis and go out and meet with them in the community; an urgent care center where individuals suffering from addiction can be stabilized outside of an emergency department; a residential treatment program for those who need more extended care; and an outpatient counseling practice for follow-up outpatient care. MCA designed this center with one thought in mind: addiction and mental health issues can happen to anyone, but so can recovery. As a firm, being a part of a project that will help and improve the wellbeing of an entire community speaks volumes, and we are honored.