MCA Sponsors Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM) Annual Meeting

By Stephen Bates, AIA, NCARB, President Emeritus

MCA is proud to be a sponsor for the first virtual MAAM Annual Meeting and we look forward to joining you in a host of seminars over the next several days!

The pandemic has affected all aspects of museum operations, the greatest of which is the impact to the dedicated staff of museum professionals. As museums begin to reopen, they are faced with developing new ticketing procedures, crowd management policies, and safety protocols to align with current regulations. All of these have spatial implications, which affect the visitor experience.

As an architecture and planning firm servicing the mid-Atlantic, MCA offers a variety of customized services that can assist with these challenges such as quick studies, facility assessments, sensory mapping, space planning, and construction documents. We enjoy collaborating with museum stakeholders to develop tailored solutions that serve your current needs while simultaneously reinforcing your mission.  To learn more, you can view our website and view our cultural portfolio.

We will also be sponsoring MAAM’s Stephen Weil Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, October 13th where viewers will have a chance to see our portfolio of work and hear about our passion for working in spaces such as yours. If you miss it, you can view our 2-minute presentation in the link below.  We hope you enjoy the conference and we look forward to talking with you!

To view MCA’s video from the MAAM Conference, click here.