NPS: Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

By Veronica Plischke Evans, AIA, NCARB, Senior Associate
Drive north through the windswept desert beyond Amarillo, Texas and you will find an oasis for swimming, boating, camping, and more. MCA visited Lake Meredith National Recreation Area as part of our ongoing work with the National Park Service. Our team flew to the Texas panhandle to meet with key stakeholders from the park and provide their expertise on several projects funded by the Great American Outdoors Act.
Contracted to develop scoping and recommendations to meet the current programmatic needs for these projects, MCA jumped in with both feet. We interviewed users and researched the parks records. We observed the use of the park’s water and land-based assets and prepared a detailed survey of the existing conditions—evaluating the integrity of each component. We developed and analyzed the programmatic needs and examined the essential service requirements such as life safety, accessibility, security, structure, and MEP systems.
These assessments included the marina, boat ramps, the marina store, park administration headquarters, the ranger’s station, a law enforcement training center, the McBride Ranch house, park amenities, convenience stations, roads and trails, and infrastructure. The final cost estimate will be used to justify the required improvements to keep the park operational for years to come.