Englar Dining Hall

McDaniel College | Westminster, Maryland

McDaniel College’s new president set a high priority on upgrading the lackluster Englar Dining Hall into an energizing and flexible space for the campus community. An assortment of seating options including café-style, bench seating, high tops, and comfortably contemporary lounge chairs with tablet arms give the 440-seat, 12,815 SF space the feeling of a hip urban restaurant rather than a traditional dining hall. New food concepts, served through a series of stations and bars provide easy access to a wide variety of cuisine while improving traffic flow between the serving area and dining room. A complete makeover, the project dramatically transformed the existing space to create the new “Glar” –  a major new social hub on campus.

The project was executed on an extremely tight construction timeline, to be mostly completed over the Winter Break and January Term. Dubbed by the team ” the project completed in 90 daze”, the effort required a highly integrated process and cooperation between the owner, construction Manager and design team, with on-site efforts by all parties often occurring through weekends and overnight to keep the project on track. The efforts were worthwhile given the tremendous reception the project has had on campus.

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Project Highlights

  • Transformed Englar from "Dining Room" to "Destination"
  • Increased capacity and thru-put without increasing square footage
  • Highly integrated construction process between Owner, CM and design team - gutted and rebuilt in 93 days

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  • Just four words “small space / big agenda,” or two words “asked / answered,” the project has completely changed the way students, faculty and staff view the campus dining experience. Obligation was transformed into an opportunity, and this facility is now bustling with activity.

    —Joyce Muller, Associate Vice President , McDaniel College
  • When the doors opened at the big “Reveal,” hundreds of McDaniel students danced into “GLAR” as if attending a Lady GaGa concert. A student description of the renovated space has now become a metaphor I use for an institutional vision: “We raised the ceiling and took down the walls, and now I can see everything.”
    This transformaton has been an institutional game-changer.

    —Dr. Roger Casey, President, McDaniel College

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