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In a competitive business environment, our professional design services must be a value-added proposition, regardless of facility type or function. From productive workspaces to effective R&D centers, and from mission critical data/ telecommunications centers to CGMP manufacturing facilities, the final result must enhance, in as many ways as possible, the enterprise mission and bottom line. For our corporate clients, working with MCA means having a professional consultant on board that embraces our responsibility to understand and meet project requirements, and delivers on expectations.

For over 30 years, MCA has met and exceeded the needs of major industry leaders in demanding and specialized business sectors. Example long-term clients include notable firms such as Procter and Gamble/ Coty (Cosmetic & Fragrance Products), Northrop Grumman (Defense Research & Development) and Verizon (Telecommunications and Data).

MCA’s collaboration with our client teams reduces waste, increases productivity, and enhances corporate image and performance. In each case, MCA became an integral part of our clients project teams; adept in navigating their unique organizational structures, standards and expectations, applying deep experience, and articulating applicable standards, practices and industry trends. In response to client needs, we customize our approach, including development of an evolving set of Facilities Solutions services.

MCA and our clients have proven time and again – Good Design is always Good Business.

Private Enterprise

Organizations continue to seek greater efficiency, productivity, innovation, workforce engagement and retention through effective workplace design. The design of the modern workplace continues to evolve in response to innovations in technology, shifts in workforce demographics, and increased team collaboration across multiple locations and time zones.

There has been a general shift to decreased individual workspace and increased team collaboration spaces. However, there will always be a need for a variety of effective individual workspace options that allow for privacy and focused activity.

MCA approaches design with the philosophy that workplace solutions are not a “one-size-fits-all” affair based on the latest trends and newest available furniture options – the type of work performed, the culture of those doing it and the results expected should always have the greatest influence on creating the appropriate design solution.

MCA has provided exceptional service for major clients in the following industries:

•   Defense Systems – Research, Development + Manufacturing
•   Cosmetics, Fragrance & Flavor Products – Research, Development + Manufacturing
•   Telecommunications + Data
•   Industrial Tools + Consumer Hardware – Research, Development + Manufacturing
•   Privately held business enterprises

MCA has worked on the full range of facilities operated by our private sector clients, including, but not limited to:

•   Administration + Workplace environments
•   Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) compliant facilities
•   Electronic Data and Switching Centers
•   Manufacturing facilities, including high-hazard processes
•   Research + Development Laboratories
•   Testing Facilities
•   Training + Teleconferencing
•   Warehouse + Logistics

To be responsive to our clients emerging missions and requests, MCA expanded beyond traditional planning & design services to provide more specialized or inter-disciplinary services. Some of these services have been provided specifically for one client, while other services are provided for multiple clients across several industries. Below are a few of the flexible and customized services MCA provides:

•   Production/Process Line Layout Assistance
•   Branding Assistance
•   Relocation Services
•   Facilities Document Archiving
•   Facilities Staffing Supplementation

More on Facilities Solutions

The majority of the work MCA is involved in for our corporate clients involves trade secrets and/or matters of national security. Therefore, most of our private enterprise work cannot be photographed or discussed in an open forum. MCA take our responsibilities extremely seriously, and has organized our practice and protocols around carefully protecting our client’s knowledge assets.


    Designing for Process: a Call to Order

    In designing process-specific spaces, MCA works closely with our clients and their in-house facilities and process engineering staff, process consultants, fabricators and construction managers to understand the specific process needs and workflow. We have successfully collaborated with engineering teams located across three continents for one project.

    The ideal process space holds down labor and maintenance costs while providing for an orderly operation that reduces the chance for accident or cross-contamination. We consider process safety and code compliance, security, efficient workflow and maintenance and a wide range of constructibility issues.

    Process understanding, rigorous project planning, clear communication and integrated team collaboration manage risk and lead to successful implementation.

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