Summer interns return for installation of conference room graphics

By Stephen Bates, AIA, NCARB, President Emeritus

During their 2019 summer internship with MCA, Anna Littleton (Virginia Tech B.Arch ‘20) and Alison Ho (VCU MFA in design ‘20) collaborated on the design of graphics for two of our glass-walled conference rooms. They developed design concepts based on the location and history of our Clipper Mill headquarters (Historical Fun Fact: The Clipper Mill facility fabricated the 39 cast iron columns and capitals supporting the Dome of the National Capitol). They presented various design iterations to a design committee within the firm, and collaborated with the manufacturer to provide the necessary documentation for fabrication and installation.

Anna returned to MCA during her winter break and Alison paid a visit to admire their recently installed designs. Excellent job Ana and Alison!

We would especially like to acknowledge, MCA’s Alyssa Brown, for overseeing the final design and installation. Well done, all!

Anna Littleton (Left) and Alison Ho (Right)