Kevin Duke, NCARB


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  • Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


  • Architect, MD
  • NCARB Certification

Kevin joined MCA in 2019 and has since made a positive impact on the projects he works on and the initiatives he champions. A key member of our Federal Government and Private Enterprises sectors, Kevin is growing his expertise in designing secure, complex research and development projects that comply with the Department of Defense’s secure facilities design standards. Kevin is experienced in the production and detailing of construction documents for specialty spaces, including cleanrooms, server rooms, data centers, and industrial/manufacturing facilities; as well as associated work and support spaces.

Kevin is known by his project team members as a clear communicator and a detail-oriented designer. He has experience managing all phases of a project’s lifecycle, including design, bid, and construction administration, and doing so in a focused and meticulous manner.

In addition to his project contributions, Kevin is the champion of several important firm initiatives in such areas as IT infrastructure and security as well as document control.

Did you know that …

Kevin brings a great sense of humor to the office with his employee photo mash-ups and unique virtual meeting backgrounds that can bring levity to even the most mundane work meeting! He is also in the middle of a project to capture many of the world’s major cities in 3D prints.