Olivia Jacobson-McKelvie

Associate Principal, Director of Business Development + Marketing

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  • California State University, Sacramento, BS
  • FMI Professional Development: Leadership Institute + Market and Selling Strategies
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Program


  • Over 20 years in sales
  • Over 10 years in the industry


  • Baltimore Architecture Foundation, Board of Directors
  • Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public School, Board of Directors and Advisory Committee Chair
  • AIA Baltimore Historic Resources Committee
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Architect/GC Roundtable
  • Women in Healthcare

Olivia manages the Marketing and Business Development teams and sales processes dedicated to relationship building and corporate growth objectives for MCA. She has nearly 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and—having represented a general contractor and construction manager for over a decade—has been heavily involved in AEC business development since 2009. Drawing on her business skills and creativity—and with a strong background in construction administration—she works alongside top-level management to develop strategic and targeted business development and marketing plans executed throughout MCA’s service sectors.

In her role as Director of Marketing and Business Development, Olivia oversees client relationships, the acquisition and pursuit of project leads, and the coordination of all RFP responses. With a strong dedication to MCA’s brand she also spearheads market research efforts, marketing campaigns, advertisements, website development, social media outlets, and company involvement in industry events.

As a community leader and part of the Leadership Team at MCA, Olivia serves on the Board of Directors for the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, sits on the Architect/General Contractors’ Council for Associated Builders & Contractors Baltimore Chapter, and serves on the Board and as Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools. In addition, Olivia is an active member of Women in Healthcare and the AIA Historic Resources Committee.

A self-proclaimed life-long learner, Olivia continues to seek professional development opportunities as they pertain to her role at MCA and position within the community.

Did you know that …

Olivia is an avid researcher and consults Google compulsively. By way of these investigative deep-dives, Olivia has become skilled in vintage furniture restoration methods, is self-taught in performing aftermarket modifications to her off-roading Jeep Gladiator, is familiar with the healing properties of most gemstones, and has effectively self-diagnosed two rare diseases earning her an honorary doctorate from her children’s pediatrician. In short, she knows a little about a lot—just enough to be dangerous.