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A meaningful career starts with finding the right home. Marshall Craft Associates is a team of friendly people who are passionate about excellence in design. Although we are a diverse group with a variety of skill sets, it is our camaraderie that bonds us together. We share laughs as often as we share ideas, and we work together to maintain our collaborative and supportive environment. Our inspiring workspace promotes this teamwork and all team members (including Principals) work in an open studio to encourage all to learn from one another. MCA provides many opportunities for advancement and each individual is encouraged to find their own path to excellence. We challenge all to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and individuals are recognized for their contributions. MCA promotes a healthy work/life balance through flexible schedules, generous benefits, and community involvement.


OPEN POSITIONS: Healthcare Architects

  • 01/04

    One of MCA’s greatest strengths is the staff’s diversity of knowledge. The range of expertise in the office allows the firm to serve our clients in the best way possible, but also fosters a great learning environment for individuals to excel in their career.

    - Associate Principal
  • 02/04

    I greatly enjoy having the ability to work in all sectors of work, as opposed to just one assigned studio. MCA is always willing to go the extra mile. MCA employees don’t fight each other, they fight for each other. I love both the work atmosphere created by our wonderful office space and interacting with all my kind and friendly colleagues.

    - Associate
  • 03/04

    MCA supports me in my development, both personally and professionally. Being surrounded by a creative team of intelligent, supportive professionals is satisfying.

    - Associate Principal
  • 04/04

    Our office is so well designed, that it motivates me to come to work and do my best to produce designs that are just as uplifting for people in their own workplace. I believe that the care put into a company’s physical building represents the care they put into their employees’ success.

    - Interior Designer


You Have a Lot to Offer - So Do We!

Competitive Compensation

  • Competitive Salaries
  • 401k with Employer Match
  • Profit Sharing Option
  • Generous Paid Time Off Allowance
  • Periodic Discretionary Bonuses
  • Expense Reimbursement

Health + Wellness Benefits

  • Health and Dental Plans
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Plan (FSA)
  • Annual Flu Shot Clinic
  • Wellness Committee Initiatives

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Two-Time AIA National Award Winning Education + Training Program
  • IDP Assistance
  • Exam Fee/Licensing Reimbursement
  • Professional Organization Dues
  • Professional Conferences Reimbursement

Creative, Collaborative + Flexible Work Environment

  • Flex Time
  • Creativity Cafe Happy Hours
  • Firm Sponsored Events
  • Community Service Projects
  • “Hero of the Month” Award
  • Community Art Gallery
  • Bring Your Dog to Work

Stable Company with Room for You to Grow

  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Annual Performance Evaluations
  • Leadership Responsibility at All Levels
  • An entrepreneurial “Make Your Own Space” philosophy
  • 35+ Year-Old, Stable Firm

Careers at MCA

In Good Company

Regardless of the status of current career postings, we are always on the lookout for highly talented and motivated professionals to join our team. Our employees have diverse backgrounds and a variety of skill sets, but all are committed to providing personalized service to our clients. We embody our core values of expertise, innovation, communication, integrity, and reliability. If MCA seems like the right place to energize your career, please contact us. Let us know who you are, what you have done, and where you want to go. We are looking forward to having a great conversation with you.

Together we will make a successful team.

  • Our People

    Mentoring at MCA - Learning from the best

    MCA gives younger designers plenty of opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable senior designers and project managers.

    -Intern Architect

    MCA has established a friendly atmosphere that is conducive to learning new skills. We encourage our employees to ask questions and make use of the firm’s best resource – our people. Everyone contributes to the firm’s expertise. Senior staff pass on their experiences and younger employees explain their technical savvy. Our people are willing to go the extra mile to help out a colleague. In fact, MCA recognizes employees who assist their peers with our “Hero of the Month” award. MCA promotes a culture that values our staff’s diverse capabilities.

  • Our People

    Collaboration makes the team

    It’s a team effort…Everyone is helpful and willing to teach.

    -Intern Architect

    At MCA, we enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas. We recognize that designs are richer and more successful when they encompass multiple points of view. The office is arranged to encourage collaboration in both formal and informal settings. We have mobile pin-up boards that are used for design charrettes. The open studio has dozens of touchdown spaces for impromptu team meetings. Our generous workstations accommodate a guest chair, allowing two people to meet, sketch and collaborate on the fly. With all of these opportunities for collaboration, MCA enjoys an energetic, friendly, and innovative atmosphere.

  • Two time National AIA award winning Education & Training Program


    The learning never ends........

    To maintain thought leadership and the highest level of quality control, a robust program of continual staff education & training is necessary. Many years ago, MCA established our in-house Education & Training Committee, tasked with ensuring that MCA staff had access to substantial opportunities for professional development throughout the year. The program we developed has twice won the National AIA Award for Education & Training programs, and we were asked to present our methodology at the  Adaptable Strategies for Powerful Professional Development conference in Tucson. Our employees can gain all State and AIA Continuing Education credits by simply taking advantage of our in-house opportunities, although we strongly encourage involvement in additional outside opportunities.


    A Dog's Life....

    Meet Toby. Like many of us around here, he seems to be always juggling several balls at once. He doesn’t come in every day, but when he does he is usually joined by his sister Bella, who sometimes seems like she is just a little embarrassed by his shenanigans. Or we might see Tucker, Ricky, Casey or Sigsbee in the office, who all enjoy MCA’s “Bring your Dog to Work” philosophy. They are not particularly productive designers, but are great team players, sometimes good at keeping our feet warm, and are always (well, usually) willing to sit and listen when we need to talk.

    We work hard, but are never too busy to enjoy a few of the finer things in life, like a wet tennis ball dropped at our feet, or a wagging tail.


    2019 Summer Kickoff – Jump’n Jeff at MCA

    We love to have Jump’n Jeff stop by our Baltimore office – there’s nothing like a sweet treat on a warm summer day. Once we say that Jump’n Jeff has arrived, everyone is ready for a snowball or ice cream break. We have been busy these past few weeks, so this was truly a treat!

    ♪ I scream,
    you scream,
    we all scream
    for ice cream ♪