Designing for Wellness

Knowing that our clients operate in performance driven environments demanding greater quality patient care, superior patient satisfaction scores, and a safe space for patients and staff, we believe that healthcare architecture must support a comprehensive wellness experience in an engaging and nurturing context. Wellness speaks to both the physical and psychological characteristics of a space, and to the operational, financial and ever shifting goals of healthcare stakeholders. With a focus on designing for wellness, our team of healthcare experts utilizes the latest process and research tools including LEAN based design exercises, evidence based design research, and the integration of biophilic design elements. Regardless of project size, Marshall Craft Associates collaborates with you to deliver innovative results that meet your strategic initiatives and provide flexibility in this continually evolving marketplace.


We provide a deep level of experience across all types and acuity levels of healthcare projects – inpatient, ambulatory, medical office, and behavioral health care. Whether your project is a small renovation or an entire masterplan, our specialized in house teams collaborate with you to address the many challenges that face today’s healthcare projects. We look forward to partnering our experience with your requirements to deliver the best solution for your project needs.

MCA’s healthcare specialists include EDAC certified professionals and designers who utilize an extensive knowledge base to implement decisions that are rooted in credible research. We care deeply about creating positive outcomes and identifying ways to improve your care model process. By truly analyzing your project and care delivery along with integrating biophilia, LEAN methodologies, and current research, we can establish clear value added opportunities to support better care and a healthy bottom line.

As health systems merge, adapt, and transition services between inpatient and outpatient care, it is important to understand what assets you have so that those physical resources can be aligned with your strategic plan as you move forward. We will work alongside you, from the beginning, to establish the correct data and clear vision for transforming your facility to be flexible and adaptable for future needs. Our services can include recording new properties, assessing older or existing holdings, and finding opportunities for better space management and utilization leading to increased organizational gain.

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    Maximize Functionality

    MCA takes pride in developing out-of-the-box solutions (literally).  The pandemic has challenged our healthcare clients to increase bed capacity without adding to the footprint of their current facilities.  MCA collaborates with stakeholders to develop innovative strategies for repurposing spaces that were designed for non-clinical uses.  To discover how we accomplish this while maintaining high patient care standards, check out the white paper on “Developing Non-Traditional Spaces for Patient Care” at the link below.

  • Preliminary field mockup of an Operating Room layout for hospital staff review & discussion

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    Innovative Methods + Best Practices

    I am particularly impressed by MCA’s ability to marshal the competing priorities of a variety of departments – facilities, finance, nursing administration, and infection control, etc. We take pride in thinking that as healthcare professionals we are always ‘living the job’. MCA not only lives their job, they live ours as well. -Large healthcare system client of 25+ years

    MCA will guide your team in the identification of best practices, which can ultimately improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery in an effective healing environment. The steps that we take during design will be tailored to your specific needs, but may include: mock-ups, interviews, focus groups / patient advocates, staff surveys, direct observation, and LEAN based exercises.  For more information on how we integrate LEAN into our design process, please read David’s insight at the link below.

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    Biophilic Design

    Biophilic design recognizes the intrinsic need and psychological benefits of connecting humans to nature. Healthcare architecture can establish psychological and emotional cues by integrating simulated natural materials, patterns with delineated and ordered complexity, natural light and spatial variability, and connections to nature and community.

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